In Puerto Plata, discover the secrets of Brugal rum

Puerto Plata is one of the most popular tourist sites in the Dominican Republic. Over the years, it has earned a solid reputation in the eyes of travel and discovery enthusiasts. Its breathtaking landscape is just one of the many attractions of this city. Among other things, Puerto Plata is a very popular destination for its cultural richness, especially thanks to its legendary Brugal rum. A few words about this typically Dominican drink.

The Brugal rum, highly appreciated since 1888

The Brugal rum draws most of its notoriety from its age. Indeed, the Brugal distillery was founded in 1888 by its founder, Andrés BRUGAL.  This young Spaniard, then 38 years old, had trained in Cuba in order to master the techniques of rum making. Once settled in Puerto Plata, he decided to set up his own distillery and concocted his first Brugal rum formulas, using sugar cane as a base material, the harvesting of which was a great success in this area. Even today, five generations after Don Andrés, the know-how is perpetuated by his descendants, which has allowed this rum to maintain its original quality.

A carefully preserved manufacturing process

Fermentation and distillation are the heart of the Brugal rum making process. Fermentation can take between 24 and 48 hours, at the end of which the liquid from the cane is converted into alcohol. This is followed by distillation, a process in which the mash is heated to 70°C. The alcohol is then put into an oak barrel for maturation. The secret of Brugal rum's power is above all the length of time it takes to mature. This can take up to eight years for a first maturation, and depending on the type of rum, can be extended to a second maturation period. A spirit with a very special taste   Since its creation, the Brugal distillery has never ceased to multiply the flavours in its range. Brugal 1888 is one of its flagship products and is a favourite of the brand's fans. It is made up of roasted coffee, dark chocolate and spicy notes and has an intense and complex taste. This beverage is very delicate in the mouth. It has a rich, gourmet flavour and even with ice it retains its aromatic depth. Its creamy texture makes it a perfect match for iced coconut water, an ideal combination for those who are not particularly fond of pure rum.

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