Santo Domingo, not to be missed during a visit to the Dominican Republic

For the upcoming summer holidays, you should consider booking a unique stay in the Dominican Republic. The dstination has so many surprises and wonders for you to experience with your family, or with friends. Various paradisiacal places await you during your visit to the Dominican Republic. And several activities to do with family or friends will embellish your stay in Santo Domingo. To visit the whole island, you have to go through the main spot which is Santo Domingo. 

Explore the heart of the Dominican Republic

The island centre is considered the heart of the Dominican Republic. It is embellished by tobacco and coffee fields with sugar towns that are very festive during carnivals. You can also discover the rice fields which provide a cultural change of scenery. For sports enthusiasts, the Dominican Alps will be your playground. You can go hiking, mountain biking and canyoning. Visit the highest peak in the Caribbean, Pico Duarte. Indeed, the centre of the city is where all the fun activities on the island take place.

Activities that shouldn't be missed in the north of the Dominican Republic

The north of the island is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and is believed to be the least visited part of the whole island. It should be noted that the northern territory of the Dominican Republic is home to many natural and cultural treasures. You can discover the city of Puerto Plata which offers several natural treasures and this city also offers you colonial infrastructures. On the north coast of the island, you can surf and windsurf in Cabarete. Indeed, sportsmen and women from all over the world make the most of their visit to this unique site by going on surf getaways. In winter, Cabarete is very attractive for humpback whale watching. You can also discover the National Park of Isabela, which is an archaeological treasure of the country.

Visit the Samana Peninsula

The Samana Peninsula is unaffected by mass tourism and happens to be a real favourite for knowledgeable tourists and travellers from far away. In this place, you can discover all the most beautiful beaches in the Dominican Republic. During your visit to the Samana peninsula, discover the beautiful national park called Los Haitises Park. For nature lovers, very interesting places are waiting for you like: the incredible caves, the tropical forests, the various waterfalls, the mangroves, and the grandiose bay for whale watching. On the peninsula, you can also visit Las Terranas which is a very famous French village on the island.

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