All about Larimar, the emblematic stone of the Dominican Republic

Larimar is a blue mineral that is one of the rare pectolites that you can find around the Dominican Republic. Getting this natural wonder allows you to have a good dose of joy of living, but also to provide inner peace. Its striking blue colour connects a symbolic view to your emotion, as well as your spirit.

Where does the Larimar stone come from?

It is one of the most sought after pectolites in the world. It was Father Domingo Fuertes de Loren who first noticed this in 1916. He suggested the exploitation of the mine which contained Larimar stones in a raw state. About 1 billion years ago, the birth of this rare variety of pectolite stone is due to several volcanic eruptions that occurred in the island Hispaniola. Today, this stone is very famous in the Caribbean, Italy and the Dominican Republic. Moreover, jewellers mount it on silver or gold to make pendants, bracelets or necklaces.

The properties of natural Larimar stone

The colour of Larimar stones is sky blue with white veins. Its formation is the result of a volcanic rock. It is composed of hydrated silicate of sodium and calcium, Ca2Na. The name Larimar comes from the combination of the female name Larissa, which is the daughter of one of the discoverers of this stone, and Mar, which means sea, to mark the Caribbean Sea. Larimar stone is very famous for its soothing properties. It also has a property that allows to balance the body and the psyche.

What are the virtues of the Larimar stone?

As for the mental level, wearing jewellery with Larimar stones (bracelet, ring, necklace...) allows you to open up your soul and to have positive energies. Indeed, this stone can boost and positivize your attitude and keep away negative thoughts (suicide, excess of anger), that when your morale is at its lowest. In addition to that, the Larimar stone can help you to have calm, fullness and serenity. It is therefore a real solution for anti-stress cures. On a physical level, Larimar is used, for example, to facilitate childbirth and to help new mothers strengthen their adrenal glands. In addition, the stone can also be used for the rapid reconstitution of tissues in case of injury and for foot massages.

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