How to get around the Dominican Republic?

Published on : 25 May 20223 min reading time
Choose a dream destination for your holiday and travel to the Dominican Republic. It is located in the heart of Central America, between Cuba and Puerto Rico. With a surface area of 48,730 km², this tropical island offers a particularly paradisiacal and beautiful landscape. In addition, there are several means of transport to make visiting the island easier. Travelling is not a problem in the Dominican Republic.

Move anywhere, anytime with the guaguas

At any time of day and on all the roads of the island, you will find minibuses or buses that the residents call guaguas. Travelling by guaguas is a way to fully immerse yourself in the Dominican culture. It’s convenient for getting around the city and it’s also cheaper. If you have luggage that occupies a passenger seat, they will charge you for both seats. For safety reasons, guaguas do not run at night. They also don’t go through dead-end streets or very quiet areas where there aren’t many people. You should therefore find another alternative if you have rented a house by the sea or away from the city.

Transportation to take to enjoy the tourist circuits

For journeys throughout the country, you should take a bus. These means of transport are operated by the tourist companies. The timetables of the coaches are on the websites of the tourist companies in the Dominican Republic. You can easily find them. As far as the price is concerned, the most expensive trip costs about 7 to 8 euros. In terms of comfort, it is quite luxurious. The coaches also have a luggage compartment. In the Dominican Republic, you will also find tourist taxis. This is the essential means of transport for airport-hotel journeys. However, taking a taxi in the Dominican Republic is more expensive than using any other means of travel.

In urban areas there are also motorbike taxis. They are also called motoconchos. They can carry 2 passengers. The fare is negotiable and varies according to the length of the journey. You will also find cars similar to taxis. These are called Carros. The routes and fares are roughly similar to those of the guaguas. You can get up to 7 people in a Carros. Apart from that, there are also 2 metro lines and you can rent a car or a motorbike to get around the city.

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