What are the formalities for travelling to the Dominican Republic from the UK?

In general, passengers should affirm the airport of origin for any testing and their airline or other request for flights to the Dominican Republic. Other ports of entry and airports will perform an immediate random Covid-19 test on the travelling public, and on all those who have symptoms according to the Dominican government. Would you like to know the formalities to follow to travel to the Dominican Republic?

Measures taken for the tourism sectors

All Dominican citizens and foreign travellers entering by commercial flights or outside the Dominican Republic are obliged to complete an electronic exit and entry form. This form combines with the passenger's health confirmation, the worldwide arrival and departure forms and the customs declaration. The Dominican Republic form is available in English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian and Portuguese through the reliable website. You can also find out about the Dominican Republic entry requirements at godominicanrepublic.com. According to the government of the Dominican Republic, all travellers will also have to undergo a temperature check. All those who have symptoms or positive test results will be isolated and observed in designated facilities.

Formalities for travelling to the Dominican Republic from the United Kingdom

Foreign citizens travelling for tourism purposes only must have a valid passport during their departure and stay in the country. This formality Dominican Republic is exceptionally and valid until the end of July 2022. On the map of the French government, the classification of the Dominican Republic is in green country from an article released the beginning of March 2022. Thus, France does not necessarily require a compelling case or a ban on return.

The formalities once arrived in the Dominican Republic

It is not mandatory to show the vaccination card upon boarding to enter the spas in the Dominican Republic, the tourist transport and the establishments regulated by the Ministry of Tourism. To gain access to hotels and to use their services, it is no longer necessary to show the vaccination card, especially a negative test. The formalities relating to the coronavirus in force at the access and on the Dominican place are regularly updated on the site reserved for the travel in Dominican Republic. However, the French government does not require any passenger, vaccinated or not, arriving from outside the EU to have a negative PCR test within 48 hours.

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